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Erik Pasquino

Erik started his Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) journey after multiple injuries skiing, amazed by its effectiveness. Along the way he found that it not only helped his sports injuries and pain, but sleep, digestion, stress levels and emotions.  In addition to his 6 Year advanced diploma from 8 Branches Academy and 2-month internship in China, he completed his Bachelor of Arts at York University in Religious Studies.  

Taking a hands-on approach, Erik’s tools of the trade are Acupuncture and Tui Na (therapeutic massage). Treatments may be accompanied by cupping and a heat lamp is often utilized for its therapeutic benefits and comfort. Erik can also make lifestyle and dietary recommendations in accordance with TCM principles.   

TCM treats the body and mind as a whole, and takes into account everything to guide treatments. Therefore, on your first treatment, a full body system review and health history is conducted, including your tongue and pulse as a diagnostic tool. A treatment plan is formed and together we’ll work as a team to improve your health.   

After travelling and exploring, Erik has moved back from British Colombia to be closer to friends and family. When Erik isn’t in clinic, you will find him in the garden, walking/hiking, on his motorcycle, or supporting Liverpool F.C. - “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. 


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