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Anna Guimadeev

Anna studied to become a Registered Massage Therapist 2012 in Toronto, Ontario. Her deep interest in Anatomy led her to become a Yoga teacher with Modo Yoga, training in Los Angeles, California within the following year. The two practices complimented and reflected each other in their ability to bring harmony and relief to the body. However, neither Massage therapy nor yoga practice alone was able to bring long-term relief to those patients that had chronic dysfunctions. Osteopathy was the missing link. Where massage ends at soft tissue manipulation, Osteopathy picks up and goes deeper into the manipulation of joints, muscles and bones. Osteopathic treatment aims to positively affect the body’s nervous system, circulatory, and lymphatic systems which will consequently help restore the body’s mobility. Anna combines her knowledge and ties all three of the practices together in a treatment that to optimize the functioning of the human body.

Anna is the co-founder and clinic director of OSTEO+ chronic pain and wellness clinic. She holds a diploma in Osteopathy Manual Practice (DOMP) from the National Academy of Osteopathy and a diploma in Massage Therapy from Elmcrest college of massage and hydrotherapy. She is a graduate from Modo Yoga International Teacher training program. She is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) as well as the Canadian Alliance of Alternative Medicine. She specializes in Cupping Therapy and Myofascial release. Additionally, she currently holds a 845 day streak on Duolingo learning Spanish!


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